Find the Marketplace

Once you login to, head to the navigation column on the left and select the Marketplace tab.

Navigate the Marketplace and Purchase Samples

Each packaging component has an individual listing. Filter by component type, compliance criteria, country of origin, material, and more!

Purchase samples, place POs, view MOQs, view supplier details, passing policies, and other product details on each listing.

Why Novi Packaging?

  1. See unit pricing upfront.

  2. Order samples from multiple suppliers in just one checkout.

  3. Get rapid samples with our 5-day sample lead time for select components.

  4. MOQs too high? Opt-in to Novi's "Group POs"— we'll help find another brand to participate in your PO.

  5. Get financing for your orders, starting at just 10% down.

Can't Find What You're Looking For? Have Questions?

Make a request directly on Novi!

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